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Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Wed Apr 19 13:00:44 PDT 2006

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My ipcop box has been up for 13+ days (since it was built) with no
problem.  I expect the router to be up 24/7.  The debian box that this
replaces had an uptime of nearly 300 days (the joys of a UPS).

So no, there should be no price of doing business.  In the business
world, a company (other than Microsoft) would go out of business if
their products had to reboot every week.

Now, if you are unlucky enough to have telus as your isp, you may need
to manually do a dhcp release/renew periodically (it should happen
automatically every couple of days, but once in a while it fails).  I
have a linksys on a client site that goes months without needing to be

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shane wrote:
> Hi All,
> Following the great advice of many people here, I made a little router using 
> IPCop. Very happy. It works great and fast.
> It was up for about 11 days and then however needed to be restarted.
> Does anyone know...? Is periodic starting of routers just a "price of doing 
> business?" Why does restarting help?
> Any thoughts are appresiated,
> Shane
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