[clug-talk] Fedora 5

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Tue Apr 18 11:25:24 PDT 2006

I took a look at those screen shots, and don't see much  there other than some 
different pretty graphics.  But that's an improper impression - the look and 
feel is only half the battle.  It sounds like they've made some strides in 
making things more useful and user friendly though.

For me, Fedora won't be an option for 2 main reasons.  

First, they continue to use Gnome by default.  Yes, I *could* put in KDE, but 
I found in the past they had too many things geared to the gnome desktop that 
finding them under KDE was a pain and they had to load all the gnome 
libraries anyways.  (can you tell I don't like Gnome much? lol ).

Second, I don't like the way Fedora, or Suse for that matter, manage the 
config files.  This is a highly subjective point though.  Gentoo is the 
distro that 'clicked' for me, so I prefer distros that have a similar concept 
in terms of the config files (i.e. don't add unnecessary control layers that 
overwrite the config files on a whim).  When I make a change to the config 
files, I don't want to have to search for a distro specific way to safely add 
an entry to my hosts file (or whatever config file I'm dealing with), that is 
not going to get overwritten the next time I reboot or use the GUI config 

But that's my own personal view.  I'll likely try out Fedora 5 at some point, 
just because I know I'll have to do some support on it... :)


On Tuesday 18 April 2006 12:08, Mitchell Brown wrote:
> Well it just looks really really nice. Plus, it's supposed to be jam packed
> full of stuff. The package management should be great too.
> That's just my opinion. Like, even the ISO splash is pretty. It's just
> attractive. Plus, the fact that its brand new with all updates will be
> nice. I hate having to upgrade Firefox!!! :)
> Plus it's one of the big players so you're guaranteed to get .rpms to work!

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