[clug-talk] MAC OS9 Install CD....

Darren L xlr8me at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 22:47:23 PDT 2006

I don't remember it having activation either.

AFAIK, there are no per-user licences, and it's like Windows in that it has
to be one license per machine.  Would love to see some info proving me wrong
on that though!

You can get a copy of Panther for DIRT cheap these days...maybe that's an

there was some warning on Apple's site about updating firmware before trying
to load OSX on a G3.  Look into that....

On 4/17/06, Tek Budda <TekBudda at shaw.ca> wrote:
> Mitchell Brown wrote:
> > Does OS X have product activation like WinXP or does Apple trust people?
> I don't recall OS X having any activation limitations.  My understanding
> is that there are no client licenses, but I could be wrong.
> If someone would enlighten me on that I would appreciate it.  If it goes
> against any licensing restrictions or anything like that, then please
> ignore my request.
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