[clug-talk] Suggestions: Weddin/Event Planning Software - UPDATE

Tek Budda TekBudda at shaw.ca
Wed Sep 28 18:02:14 PDT 2005

Ian Bruseker wrote:
> On 9/28/05, Tek Budda <TekBudda at shaw.ca> wrote:
>>That was actually my first stop...and I did find 3 projects, none of
>>which had anything available for download.  So essentially..NOTHING!
>>I did get one link for DMOZ but I didn't find anythuing that sparked my
>>Oh well..search continues.
> I went through the same search 4 years ago (look at that, a guy who
> remembers how long he's been married), and like you found one
> Windows-based program which looked really great, and interestingly a
> few Palm programs.  I went it on my own.
> - I registered a domain for the event and set up an rsvp@ email
> address, which we printed on all the invitations.  (on topic: I
> learned how to set up Postfix on a Linux server to get this done. :-) 
> )
> - I used a good old calendar program to keep track of important
> meetings (and there will be meetings: the florist, the caterer, etc).
> - Checklists we just typed up.
> - We registered at The Bay, which has a really good online tool for
> managing your registry.  If you don't like The Bay, at least check
> with who you register with to see if they offer such a service.
> - For the photo gallery I just found a good PHP-based gallery and set
> it up and stuck photos in there.  There was no Flickr back then, but
> you could use that too.
> I would suggest that a lot of this stuff is easy to pull together
> (checklists, guest lists, registry item lists) with a little PHP and a
> database, but also I thought that back when I first started down the
> path to the aisle, and I'll tell you now that you almost certainly
> won't have time to be coding a lot from now until the big day.  ;-)
> The key is to delegate.  For example, for tracking who gave us what
> gifts, during the gift opening, the maid of honour just sat there and
> wrote a list.  Delegate, delegate, delegate!  :-)

Thanks for the congrats Ian & all!

I guess if you kind find something, create it yourself...right?  And so 
I think thats what I will do.  I don't know how advanced it will be. 
Probably a series of checklists and spreadsheets for now to get things 

I think I will go this way because I got to thinking.  I have a couple 
open source projects that I started but haven't really done anything 
with yet.  These currently sit under a type of "idea 
farm/R&D/testing/etc" entity I started as a place to spitball ideas 
until I could do something with them.  I call it 'UNDER_SCORE_LABS'.  I 
actually got the inspiration from the wall of a bathroom stall.

Some joker had grafiti'd on the wall the name 'U_N_D_E_R_S_C_O_R_E' and 
at first I was was thinking, "what an idiot."  But then I go to thinking 
what the underscore actually represents.  In the tech world its most 
common usage (as near as I can tell) is as a connector.  Joining one 
word to another, etc.  And so 'UNDER_SCORE_LABS' was born with the idea 
of connecting technology and people.

Why all this babbling?  Well...I think I am now going to transform 
'UNDER_SCORE_LABS' into a development entity.  And the focus will be 
open source "lifestyle" software.  A couple of examples are a wedding 
planner and an idea that popped up on the list quite a while ago.  It 
was someone looking for FLOSS for vets/pets.  I have also been tracking 
personal information at home...sort of a Home Manager type of idea.  So 
there...I have now went from psychotic rambling to now having three 
software products to develop as well as 2 other side projects as well.

Ok...no more babbling.  If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, 
contributions, etc on how I can do this please let me know.  I will 
likely start the develop process by collecting some examples and making 
a series or spreadsheets to plan my information then create the 
databases and such from there.


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