[clug-talk] Kdevelop and adding libs

Robert Lewko lewkor at telus.net
Wed Sep 28 14:17:36 PDT 2005

On September 28, 2005 01:07 pm, Cshot wrote:
>  Hi all, its been a while since I've done anything with Kdevelop or C/C++
> for that matter.  I'm working on a program and i need to be able to use a
> lib I found on the net.  http://www.alhem.net/Sockets/
> I've tried extracting it to /usr/src and /usr/lib  But it says no such
> header files.  I'm used to Borland where I'd just add it to a lib path. 
> The site has lots of tutorials but nothing on setting up the compiler.  I
> feel really dumb.  A couple of years ago I did a DB front end with mysql
> and I just needed some linker settings.  I'm lost.
> Kev
Kevin, the reason that your mysql program worked is that the shared library 
was part of the system's installed library and the dynamic linker had it in 
the ld.so.cache.  Your library will not be there unless you put it there.

When you compiled this you ended up with a library libsockets.a.  Just put 
this after the *.o files on the link line when you compile your application - 
you may need to find out how to include other libraries in Kdevelop.

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