[clug-talk] Suggestions: Weddin/Event Planning Software

Graham Monk gdmonk at shaw.ca
Wed Sep 28 13:21:03 PDT 2005

go to Sourceforge, enter wedding as the search term,
there appears to be several options, maybe in small
pieces rather than one all encompasing program.



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From: Tek Budda <TekBudda at shaw.ca>
Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2005 2:11 pm
Subject: [clug-talk] Suggestions: Weddin/Event Planning Software

> As many of you know Lisa & I have been engaged for a few years 
> now, 
> saving up for a wedding while trying to pay bills as well.
> Well...the time has come and it looks like we have set a date 
> (well a 
> month anyways) and just need to plan the wedding.  This may be a 
> long 
> shot but I know there has been a lot more open source "lifestyle" 
> software cropping up and I wonder if anyone has come across 
> anything 
> specific to weddings, but more in general to event planning?
> I know the Windows world does (did?) have some wedding software at 
> one 
> time (name escapes me) that was pretty good, but that may have 
> changed. 
>  Not looking for any monumental features but the more flexibility 
> it 
> has the better.  I have been googling a searching a bit but 
> nothing has 
> really come up for me yet.  Some of the following features wold be 
> nice 
> and preference would be given to cross-platform as it may be 
> managed 
> from both Linux & Windows:
> * Guest Tracking: Names, Addresses, etc.
> * Gift Tracking
> * Checklists
> * Gift Registry Tracking
> * Itinerary Planning
> * Music Planning: Creating Play lists & Stuff
> * Photo Gallery
> * Output to web page/CMS
> Seeing as Lisa & I met online it seems only fitting to tie 
> technology 
> into it.  One note about the music planning and pictures.  I was 
> thinking that we may not have a formal dance, but we could have a 
> soundtrack playing with pictures changing randomly.  Would also be 
> nice 
> if people could confirm online and indicate preferences and such.
> ANy leads would be great!
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