[clug-talk] Suggestions: Weddin/Event Planning Software

Tek Budda TekBudda at shaw.ca
Wed Sep 28 13:11:45 PDT 2005

As many of you know Lisa & I have been engaged for a few years now, 
saving up for a wedding while trying to pay bills as well.

Well...the time has come and it looks like we have set a date (well a 
month anyways) and just need to plan the wedding.  This may be a long 
shot but I know there has been a lot more open source "lifestyle" 
software cropping up and I wonder if anyone has come across anything 
specific to weddings, but more in general to event planning?

I know the Windows world does (did?) have some wedding software at one 
time (name escapes me) that was pretty good, but that may have changed. 
  Not looking for any monumental features but the more flexibility it 
has the better.  I have been googling a searching a bit but nothing has 
really come up for me yet.  Some of the following features wold be nice 
and preference would be given to cross-platform as it may be managed 
from both Linux & Windows:
* Guest Tracking: Names, Addresses, etc.
* Gift Tracking
* Checklists
* Gift Registry Tracking
* Itinerary Planning
* Music Planning: Creating Play lists & Stuff
* Photo Gallery
* Output to web page/CMS

Seeing as Lisa & I met online it seems only fitting to tie technology 
into it.  One note about the music planning and pictures.  I was 
thinking that we may not have a formal dance, but we could have a 
soundtrack playing with pictures changing randomly.  Would also be nice 
if people could confirm online and indicate preferences and such.

ANy leads would be great!

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