[clug-talk] Newlinuxuser.com: Worst Kept Secret Ever.

Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Mon Sep 26 17:11:54 PDT 2005

Hi All,

Like the subject says - my worst kept secret is the existence of 
newlinuxuser.com. I think it was a secret for all of about 24 hours before 
someone figured it out and posted it as a comment on my blog. 

But hell, now that it's out - let's have some fun with it.

Newlinuxuser.com is my next project to get good GNU/Linux information in front 
of the people who need it most: the new users. 

The site isn't actually launching until this Wednesday so the posts are a 
little sparse right now and the site layout (template) doesn't look anything 
like the final product will. I'm just waiting for that to be built.

I'm not going to try to bulls**t anyone here, the site will have Google ads on 
it and the idea is to make some money off of it to support my many beginner 
Linux endeavours. I love doing the podcast and this site is going to be fun, 
but I gotta eat :) The site is part of the b5 Media (b5media.com) blog 
network and as such promises to be busier than heck pretty quickly after 

Now, with that aside: I'm going to try to stick to a very strict format on the 
site. I only want to have three categories: Howtos, Explanations, and Geeky 
Fun. Further, I'm trying to write each post to be as surgically precise as 
possible so that users searching for specific info will have a good chance of 
finding it via the search engines.

I'm inviting anyone in the group who wants to write an entry or entries, to do 
so. This is an open invitation that has no expiry date. I'll provide proper 
credit, of course and a link back to wherever you'd like on each entry you 

Some guidelines: Less is more. By that I mean keep in mind the surgically 
precise thing. An entry on customzing your desktop is to big. Rather, a small 
HOWTO on how to change your wallpaper in KDE is more what I'm looking for.

Same applies to explanations. Explaining the various licenses of applications 
is too broad. Explaining the difference between Free Software and Open Source 
software is better.

Those are both good topics that I haven't done yet :)

The best entries are the stupid little things that have tripped you up before. 
If there's a command that gave you trouble, but you've now figured it out - 
let us know. Some weird behaviour in Nautilus that you finally figured out 
how to get rid of? Tell us. I can almost say with certainty that the smaller 
the better :)

OK - that's enough out of me for now. If there's any interest then feel free 
to contact me on or off list.



Convert them All!
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