[clug-talk] Terminal.. or Something..

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Mon Sep 26 11:51:33 PDT 2005

You can forward your X11 apps through ssh.

ssh -X user at host
then whatever apps you run on the command line will run on the monitor of the

On the "server" make sure X forwarding is enabled in /etc/ssh/ssd_config

NX rocks though if you take the time to set it up.
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Quoting Alex <disk1of5 at gmail.com>:

> hey all.. i have a extra p4 1.7ghz laying around with only a 4gig hd.. now
> im interested in setting it up as a terminal to this main box.. so i run all
> my apps and everything installed on my main box will run on the spare pc..
> just woundering if any one has heard of any thing like this (probly) im just
> woundering how do i go about this and what are the limitations..
> thanks

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