[clug-talk] Terminal.. or Something..

Trevor Lauder lists at thelauders.net
Mon Sep 26 10:47:20 PDT 2005

You could install FreeNX (http://freenx.berlios.de/) on your main box and use 
a livecd like Thinstation (http://thinstation.sourceforge.net/) which has the 
NX client on it to access the FreeNX server.  I'm sure there are other 
livecds out there that support NX.

If you do use Thinstation make sure you use version 2.1 or higher, NX support 
was added in 2.1



On September 26, 2005 11:22 am, Alex wrote:
> hey all.. i have a extra p4 1.7ghz laying around with only a 4gig hd.. now
> im interested in setting it up as a terminal to this main box.. so i run
> all my apps and everything installed on my main box will run on the spare
> pc.. just woundering if any one has heard of any thing like this (probly)
> im just woundering how do i go about this and what are the limitations..
> thanks
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