[clug-talk] GPG Tutorial

Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Mon Sep 26 03:28:50 PDT 2005

Hi Jarrod

> > I used to have GPG installed on my earlier Fedora box, but haven't gotten
> > around to setting it up on my newer Kanotix.
> It's a no-brainer, you can copy your $HOME/.gnupg dir from your Fedora box
> to your Kanotix box in its entirety.

I shoud have been more specific - my new Kanotix box IS my old Fedora box. No 
directories left to copy over. Something that got left behind in the 
transfer :(

> Please tell me that you provide OGG's,
> MP3's are fine but considering you are doing a GNU show it should be
> available on the Open Source file format.

Sure do. I started offering OGGS from show #13 onwards. Coincidence that was 
the show RMS was on? Perhaps....

> This sounds very intriguing. Here I am just getting a handle on this stuff
> and you want to interview me. I am honoured. I will email you off list to
> discuss this further.

Sounds good. Watch for a spam challenge coming your way in response to your 
email. We'll talk more when I get it.

Thanks! This'll be fun :)


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