[clug-talk] serial console help

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Mon Sep 26 00:31:32 PDT 2005

On Monday 26 September 2005 00:33, Shawn wrote:
> I seem to remember back in the serial modem days, that you had to specify a
> bps to use, as well as whether Xoff (hardware handshake) was on or off.
> Also, I wrote a program once utilizing a serial connection to a hardware
> device - I most definetly had to slow the bps down to 2400 or the thing
> went kaput.
When using minicom to connect to a pty you have these options, I have added a 
second serial port to qemu that I will check with minicom
And using 2400 did not help.  I suspect the problem is elsewhere (software 
flow control?)

> The message you are seeing indicating too much work seems to suggest you
> are passing more bps than the virtual serial console can take.  You say you
> have tried 9600 to 115200 - but these are on the high end.  My experience
> suggests starting with 2400.  (if it's text based 2400bps won't affect
> things tooooo much.)

My first email experience was over a 2400 bps link, which was perfectly 

In this case its just for rescuing a VM that is not working properly, most 
administration will be via ssh so the bitrate is not all that relevant.  I 
just would rather not learn ed right now :)  Eventually the VM will be on a 
box that does not have X, in fact I will not even have physical access to it. 

I need to be up early so I will do more troubleshooting later today.
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