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Jarrod Major jmajor at nucleus.com
Sun Sep 25 15:24:22 PDT 2005

I figured i should start a separate thread for this as it could be missed in 
the other one if only a few people were reading it.

I am offering tutelage in the setting up and use of GPG Public Key Encryption. 
This is open to anyone but subject to MY availability. I am available on IRC 
and Skype fairly often. If you want to get a jump on things you should 


This is written very plainly and is very easy to follow even for nubes.

The requirement is having GPG installed on your system. Most of the friendlier 
versions of Linux come with it preinstalled and ready for you to use. If it 
is not installed, it is not a very big package to install. If you use KDE 
then you can manage everything with the very excellent KGpg GUI tool, it can 
handle just about everything but also gives you the option of going 
command-line to do some of the more involved bits.

I can't rave about this technology enough. With Shawn's concern over email of 
late, it exemplifies the need to use such an excellent tool like this. If you 
are able to sign your messages with your GPG key then everyone who has your 
public key may verify that it was you that sent the message. This is very 
important especially for our Executives who send meeting or special event 
notices from time to time. Having the ability to check the validity of a 
message is a good thing when you are talking about important information.

Yes, we are somewhat protected by the fact that our mailing lists are for 
subscribers only but it is still possible for someone with malicious intent 
to get in and cause trouble.
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