[clug-talk] Server questions

bogi khangyi at shaw.ca
Tue Sep 20 09:20:50 PDT 2005

Hi Dharam,
I see any one of the distros you mentioned as being familiar would be ok for 
what you are looking for. 
The exact services you will need to install are

file server :: ftp or nfs or samba ??

database :: Well i guess you mentioned those, Postgres and mysql
		 the best thing would be to settle with one and work with it.

web        :: Apache ... maybe with php and perl :-)

print	      :: You can use samba to share printers as long as you have it
	         installed for file sharing, alternatively you may want to use CUPS 

security  :: This term is too broad, i will suggest, if you are thinking of 
firewall an alike, to use a separate box for that, it is a lot safer.

backup  :: You will find backup tools in every modern distro, tar is likely 
your best friend. 

remotely accessible:: Did you mean ssh, there is also vnc.


Ps.: Yes, it would have been a good idea to come to the installfest :-)


On September 20, 2005 09:15, D Bhardwaj wrote:
> Seems like I missed a good instalfest where I could have asked these
> questions. I have an opportunity to build a server. I would like it to be
> Linux but my experience lacks.
> Right now windows sbs 2003 has just been installed. I am thinking of
> removing it and putting a linux distro.
> Is this too big a project with my limited linux know how? All this is for a
> small venture but could grow.
> Ok. server needs to do server stuff (file server, database server, web
> server, print server, security, backup, remotely accessible). Ok. my
> current abilities (nervously) - I can install mandrake, suse, and others I
> am sure via default settings. Past the initial install I will probably cry
> help!! with guidance, I could probably install/configure apache, mysql,
> postgres, some pop3 email server thing.
> The constraints - I should be able to manage the install and subsequent
> maintenance. If this is too much, then I need avoid this path.
> If your responses are going to cheer me on :) - please advise what flavour
> distro to use (ease of use for me, configurable, etc)
> I hope I did not ramble too much ;) -
> Dharam
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