[clug-talk] Server questions

D Bhardwaj dbhardwaj at shaw.ca
Tue Sep 20 08:15:21 PDT 2005

Seems like I missed a good instalfest where I could have asked these questions. 
I have an opportunity to build a server. I would like it to be Linux but my experience lacks.

Right now windows sbs 2003 has just been installed. I am thinking of removing it and putting a linux distro.

Is this too big a project with my limited linux know how? All this is for a small venture but could grow. 

Ok. server needs to do server stuff (file server, database server, web server, print server, security, backup, remotely accessible).
Ok. my current abilities (nervously) - I can install mandrake, suse, and others I am sure via default settings. Past the initial install I will probably cry help!! with guidance, I could probably install/configure apache, mysql, postgres, some pop3 email server thing. 

The constraints - I should be able to manage the install and subsequent maintenance. If this is too much, then I need avoid this path.

If your responses are going to cheer me on :) - please advise what flavour distro to use (ease of use for me, configurable, etc)

I hope I did not ramble too much ;) - 


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