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Jarrod Major jmajor at nucleus.com
Mon Sep 19 00:27:37 PDT 2005

On Monday 19 September 2005 12:59 am, Jesse Kline wrote:
>  I have been working on updating the nube site the past couple of days.
> First I went through the site and updated links, deleted links, added new
> links, and updated some of the content. After that I ported the whole site
> to the main clug site. The new nube site can be found at
> http://www.clug.ca/node/218 or by clicking "New Users" at the top of the
> page. As it stands, the site is basically a port of the old site. There are
> lots of changes that I would like to make, and hopefully I can find the
> time to make them in the near future. I would very much appreciate any
> comments or suggestions that anyone has regarding this content. Lets work
> together to make this a good resources for new and advanced users alike.

Jesse... you are the MAN! Awesome job. I know that this is a resource that the 
group needs and I am glad to see that you took on the job of porting it over 
to our Drupal. I think you did a great job of organizing it.

Thanks of course go to Brian Horncastle who started the whole nube thing in 
the first place. Brian, you have left a legacy...

I'm taking a look through this stuff now and I am surprised what is there. way 
more than I realized, that's for sure.

Sorry, I don't have any suggestions at this time. I'll let you know if I come 
up with anything.
Jarrod Major
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