[clug-talk] installfest

Dave Watkins dave at davewatkins.net
Sat Sep 17 16:41:48 PDT 2005

G'day All,

I took off out of the house at 8:50 this morning and made a mad dash for 
the UofC. The Business Management 101 students in Room 202 were quite 
surprised to see me.

See you all there tomorrow morning!


Shawn wrote:
> As Graham said - by all means!!
> Part of any installation is configuring the system for specific needs.  We 
> help with this for those who are installing from scratch, so can easily help 
> those who took the first few steps themselves.
> Even after an install is complete, a persons needs change, so more 
> configuration may be needed.  Part of the purpose of the community is to help 
> others through these configurations when necessary.
> So, come on out even if you just need help tweaking things - that's what we 
> hold these events for.. :)
> Shawn
> On Saturday 17 September 2005 12:46, Killer Smurf wrote:
>>I'm just wondering. I have just obtained a Travelmate 2310 and am wondering
>>since i just have installed Breezy (Ubuntu) can I come to the installfest
>>tomorrow and have some help configuring it or is the installfest just for
>>the installs. Sorry for the noobish question and thanks in advance.
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