[clug-talk] Sendmail Problem

Tek Budda TekBudda at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 15 11:33:21 PDT 2005

Neil Bower wrote:
> On Thu September 15 2005 11:54, Tek Budda wrote:
>>Hmmm...either there is a problem with the CLUG-Talk list or no one
>>wanted to help yesterday, but I don't think I got one response about my
>>sendmail issue.
> This may or maynot be the case here, but is being listed for future reference.
> Anyone posting to the Mailing List will need make sure their e-mail address is 
> registered on the Mailing List site. 
> Due to the massive amount of spam that was being held for moderation (this 
> means messages are held if the e-mail address is not registered), the 
> settings were changed to automatically delete any messages from 
> non-registered users.
> In the last six months, there were maybe two messages that should have been 
> released versus the thousands of spam messages that were held for moderation.
> With this auto-delete feature, there is no reply sent out when a message has 
> not been forwarded to the list.

> But I did see it hot the list under my email.  Maybe no one replied. 
But even when I replied to post an update I believe it came up.

I haven't been receiveing a lot of message from clug in the last coupeld 
ays...has it just not been busy?

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