[clug-talk] Sendmail Problem

Neil Bower secretary at clug.ca
Thu Sep 15 11:19:49 PDT 2005

On Thu September 15 2005 11:54, Tek Budda wrote:
> Hmmm...either there is a problem with the CLUG-Talk list or no one
> wanted to help yesterday, but I don't think I got one response about my
> sendmail issue.
This may or maynot be the case here, but is being listed for future reference.

Anyone posting to the Mailing List will need make sure their e-mail address is 
registered on the Mailing List site. 

Due to the massive amount of spam that was being held for moderation (this 
means messages are held if the e-mail address is not registered), the 
settings were changed to automatically delete any messages from 
non-registered users.

In the last six months, there were maybe two messages that should have been 
released versus the thousands of spam messages that were held for moderation.

With this auto-delete feature, there is no reply sent out when a message has 
not been forwarded to the list.

Hope this helps.

Neil Bower
Secretary, CLUG
Registered Linux User # 323470
( http://counter.li.org )
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