[clug-talk] [OT] USB 2.x I/O card

Nick Wiltshire nick at dyna-tech.ca
Wed Sep 14 15:44:28 PDT 2005

On Wednesday 14 September 2005 4:39 pm, Jarrod Major wrote:
> On Wednesday 14 September 2005 3:51 pm, Jarrod Major wrote:
> > I tried calling them about this... they don't carry such a thing. The
> > problem is that the card has a USB type A connector... on the inside as
> > well as the ones on the outside. My case front panel USB jacks actually
> > plug into the motherboard (not with a Type A USB connector).
> I'm being stupid about this... I could probably pick up a typical pin block
> from somewhere like active and remove the Type A USB connector from the
> circuit board and put this block in its place.
> Somehow the whole idea of messing with a manufactured board seems wrong...
> there was a time. And naturally it would void any kind of warranty for the
> card.

Which is why soldering wires is likely better. If you fry the wires, try 
again. Fry the card, unplug your rig and take it back ;)

Soldering something to the board is risky.

> Don't you love those square peg in round hole problems?

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