[clug-talk] [OT] USB 2.x I/O card

Jarrod Major jmajor at nucleus.com
Wed Sep 14 14:51:11 PDT 2005

On Wednesday 14 September 2005 12:41 pm, Shawn wrote:
> for a few bucks, you can probably get the required cable at MemoryExpress
> as well.  I noticed they have a number of types of USB cables.

I tried calling them about this... they don't carry such a thing. The problem 
is that the card has a USB type A connector... on the inside as well as the 
ones on the outside. My case front panel USB jacks actually plug into the 
motherboard (not with a Type A USB connector).

So as I said, I will most likely have to create my own cable and make damn 
sure I get the pinout right so I don't fry such a card if I get it. Or worse, 
any device I might plug into it.

The other option is to get a USB hub and have it sit out front. However, I 
already have the two ports in my case, it would be a shame to leave them as 
USB 1.0

BTW, from my searches, ST Labs stuff is well supported and I didn't need to 
search by chipset. It was good to know though so I verified what chipsets 
were supported for what card in case the manufacturer changed chipsets.

Thanks for the advice Gustin and Shawn.
Jarrod Major
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