[clug-talk] Persistant Samba Mounts

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Wed Sep 14 14:47:30 PDT 2005

Try mounting as cifs instead.  Samba provides both so you should not need to
install anything more.

//servername/share /mnt cifs credentials=/path/to/creds,gid=wheel 0 0

I had lots of issues on my wlan until I switched.  Cifs is also what 
you need to
connect to Windows server 2003 as SMB is disabled by default.

For scripts, I use ssh keys and one of scp, rsync (utilizing ssh), and shfs.

No trees were harmed in the transmission of this message, however a 
large number
of electrons were seriously inconvenienced.

Quoting Shane <shane at randomwords.ca>:

> Hi All,
> Has anyone else had trouble creating Samba mounts on Fedora 3 that remain
> persistent?
> I have an fstab line like so:
> //servername/share /mnt smbfs credentials=/path/to/creds,gid=wheel 0 0
> It mounts fine at boot and works read/write for 'wheel' group members.
> However...
> I have a cron job instigated by root's crontab (so it should have root's
> privileges) to back up some files in the middle of the night and I get
> errors from cron like:
> "'/mnt' directory doesn't exist"
> It seems like the Samba connnection works for awhile but then dies (sorta)
> Both 'mount' command on both machines claim that the connection is made, but
> viewing/readin/writing doesn't work. The connection goes stale.
> Anyone have this trouble before?
> Shane
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