[clug-talk] [OT] USB 2.x I/O card

Neil Bower nbower at clug.ca
Wed Sep 14 10:07:28 PDT 2005

On Wed September 14 2005 10:53, Jarrod Major wrote:
> Hey does anyone have any experience with installing a USB 2.x interface
> card? My desktop system is still using USB 1.0 and I'd like to take
> advantage of USB 2.x's speed. Are these cards well supported under Linux?
> I'm checking the supported hardware sites as we speak. I just want to know
> if anyone has any practical experience.

I had installed a combo usb/firewire card and had no problems the hardware was 
recognized on bootup.

It was a ST Lab PCI Firewire 1394 controller card.


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