[clug-talk] IPCop upgrade

Neil Bower nbower at clug.ca
Wed Sep 14 09:17:36 PDT 2005

On Wed September 14 2005 09:42, Dave Watkins wrote:
> A couple of questions:
> 1. How\Is it possible to transfer a list of users and their passwords
> from an old box to a new one?
> 2. Can the addition of users\passwords be accomplished "en masse" from a
> pre-compiled list or spreadsheet. The GUI used to enter individual users
> that are required to authenticate thorough the IPCop box prior to being
> permitted access to the Internet requires the following fields:
> Username, Password, ConfirmPassword, and UserType.
> dwatkins, mypassword, mypassword, Extended
> Obviously a way to just drop this info into a file somewhere is a
> simpler than entering each one individually.

Just guessing, but I think this would end up in a flat file that you should be 
able to locate and copy.

Ipcop dumps a lot of its files in /var/ipcop - it may be in there.

Just a stab in the dark...


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