[clug-talk] Reset root password SuSE 9.2

Dave Bourassa dave.bourassa at shaw.ca
Wed Sep 14 03:59:48 PDT 2005

Jarrod Major wrote:
>>Aaron wrote:
>>mount $ROOT_FS_DEVICE /mnt
>>cd /mnt
>>chroot .
>>$ROOT_FS_DEVICE will be /dev/hda1 or whatever partition the real / is
>>on. once you're chroot'd into that fs, you're still root but all commands
>>will happen using that filesystem (and binaries).
>>hand editting /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow is unecessary and not the
>>safest  thing to do.
>>suse actually password protects single mode as well... you need to
>>pass init=/bin/bash to the kernel to get it to drop you into a
>>non-password protected shell at boot.
> Hey Aaron's advice worked! Thanks Aaron! Funny about that mount step not being 
> in any of the other directions I read, too bad, I could have fixed this much 
> sooner. My server is now up-to-date and in production.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jarrod, how would you like to do noobs like me a favour, and write this
up as a How-to in great detail, explaining what everything does.  If it
could then be posted to our clug.ca somewhere, then it would be
available to all noobs whenever, and whereever they happened to be.
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