[clug-talk] problem with login between phpBB and .htaccess secured directory

Darcy Brodie darcy at canasc.ca
Wed Sep 14 00:01:32 PDT 2005

    I am trying to use the username and passwords from  SubDreamer CMS / 
phpBB Bulletin Board (usernames and passwords are stored in MySQL) to 
allow a registered user access to a protected directory on the same web 
site (a members area).  I would enclose the documents into the CMS, 
which would make it easy to only allow registered users, however, most 
of the documents that I have in there are pdf's. 

    I have successsfully been able to connect the .htaccess 
authentication to the MySQL database (using mod_auth_mysql), however, 
this is where I am having the problems.  Currently, when a user logs 
into the CMS / Bulletin Board, it allows him extra pages on the web 
site.  But if he wants to goto the members page for these pdf files, he 
has to log in again.  I am looking to create a single login that would 
allow him to (a) log into the CMS / Bulletin Board, and (b) this would 
allow him access to the members area without having to re-submit his 
username / password.  As a safety, I would want it so that if someone 
attempts to directly access a file in the members area, that it would 
ask for a valid username and password (here, I am not concerned if it 
logs him into the CMS system or not)

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks


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