[clug-talk] IPCop upgrade

Jarrod Major jmajor at nucleus.com
Tue Sep 13 18:54:56 PDT 2005

Hey Gang,

Since we were talking about IPCop recently, I decided to take a look at what 
they've been up to lately. I downloaded the ISO for 1.4.8 and just did my 
upgrade tonight. I gotta say, IPCop's method of allowing you to backup your 
settings to floppy and then restore in the new version is SWEET!

I've used this feature once before. I don't upgrade very often but I know 
they've made some substantial changes since I last upgraded. I can't remember 
what I was running before. At any rate I cannot believe the job they've done 
with the interface and layout of the web-based interface. Things are just 
easier to deal with and find. I like some of the new features they've added 
and look forward to investigating them some more.

Having seen someone's ClarkConnect interface, I was a little jealous but after 
this upgrade to 1.4.8, I am very content. Funny what a face lift will do.

If you haven't tried IPCop out yet, I encourage you to take it for a spin.
Jarrod Major
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