[clug-talk] Weird issue with SuSE 9.3

Jarrod Major jmajor at nucleus.com
Tue Sep 13 18:50:53 PDT 2005

I have been noticing that when I pop various media in my computer that when i 
look in the /media folder there are 'echoes' of those folders left long after 
the media has been removed. For example, there is a folder in there that was 
a DVD that I played in my system at one point. Now this doesn't happen all 
the time or I'd have hundreds of folders by now. At present count there are 
two folders there that represent DVD's one for a movie and the other is for 
the SuSE 9.3 DVD.

Actually, I don't know if it is just something weird with SuSE 9.3 or most of 
the more recent versions of SuSE. I suppose it could be a Linux thing and not 
SuSE but I think SuSE is the one who handles media this way. Don't other 
distros just have stuff in /mnt?

Anyone have any suggestions as to how I might clear out these ghost folders? 
I'm checking the Novell site and there doesn't seem to be anything there, 
still searching though.
Jarrod Major
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