[clug-talk] Memory Express no longer a CLUG sponsor

bogi khangyi at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 8 10:02:15 PDT 2005

Well, you got to understand, the hardware market is very rough these days, i 
find their reasoning quite understandable. I would suggest an olive branch, 
that is, let's invite them to some events we have coming, let them show their 
stuff and/or bring some of their techs to gain practise. Springs into the 
mind, the installfest, Let them bring some boxes (with Linux on them) to show 
off, springs into the mind, our other sponsors should also be notified about 
the event, they may want to show up or present themselves. I would tend to 
think, the relationship between Clug a sponsors should be mutual, in the 
sense the sponsors should also get a kick from associating with Clug not just 
the Clug members getting the usual discounts and free books ans stuff.


On September 7, 2005 15:13, Shawn wrote:
> I was in Memory Express today and they informed me that they no longer
> offer CLUG members a discount.  This was news to me, and I let them know
> that I'm the guy who should really know these things...
> So, a phone call was made to one of the owners to confirm this.  So,
> effective immediately, we no longer get a discount.  They say the margins
> just aren't there anymore.
> We may do something with them in the future, but they want us to come up
> with a proposal and submit it to them.  The exec will put this right at the
> top of our priority list.... maybe...  maybe not.... :)
> Shawn
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