[clug-talk] Internet Filtering

Dave Watkins dave at davewatkins.net
Thu Sep 8 08:58:37 PDT 2005

Hi Mike,

I'd suggest that you look at IPCop with the advproxy add-on. This will 
give you  the protection you need with plenty of options as far as 
filtering goes. I just installed an IPCop box yesterday at a location 
that had the same concerns. I'm serving 40 users on a 400MHz box with a 
40 GB HDD and 512MB memory and two network cards.

Not a hard job to do and if you decide to go this way I'm sure you'll be 

BTW, the IPCop box can run headless so no worries about the monitor.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.

Dave Watkins
403.701.5746 Calgary

Mike Bougie wrote:

>Hi folks, I need some advice.
>I have a need to set up a firewall so as to block pornographic
>websites at home. I use both Kubuntu and Windows (Ubuntu mainly, but
>Windows still for the TV-out) and would need to implement something so
>as to prevent access to these sites.
>Are there any recommendations?

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