[clug-talk] Internet Filtering

Mark Lane mark at harddata.com
Thu Sep 8 08:53:36 PDT 2005

Mike Bougie wrote:
> Hi folks, I need some advice.
> I have a need to set up a firewall so as to block pornographic
> websites at home. I use both Kubuntu and Windows (Ubuntu mainly, but
> Windows still for the TV-out) and would need to implement something so
> as to prevent access to these sites.
> Are there any recommendations?

You can use Squid ( http://www.squid-cache.org ) to use freely 
available blacklists to prevent users from going to porn sites. 
It also allows you to add you own sites and possibly some 
filtering based on words. Watch word filters though as they 
often block legitimate sites. For instance a popular web nanny 
program that was pushed by a US Senator blocked his site because 
his name was Dick.

This won't catch all porn sites and ads though. I would also 
blocking any warez sites as well as they often are funded by 
porn ads.

There might also be some web proxies that you can sign up to use 
(free or paid) that provide same services. Then your firewall 
just needs to limit all http requests going anywhere but that 
proxy server. Which may be as simiple as blocking all requests 
going out on port 80. Note this could break things using soap or 
other applications that use http for stuff other than web 
browsing so you may need a more complicated solution.

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