[clug-talk] Linuxfest

Dave Watkins dave at davewatkins.net
Thu Sep 8 07:50:03 PDT 2005


I'm available all day Saturday and Sunday after 1:30 PM.

I too am excited about this. I believe that this is a chance for CLUG to 
step up to the plate and make a name for it's self. As mentioned, the 
exposure from an event such as this will be substantial. This is not an 
overwhelming task and one IMHO that we are certainly able to pull off.


Dave Watkins

Shawn wrote:

>At tonights meeting, it was decided to proceed with planning and implementing 
>a Linuxfest.  So, we need to plan a meeting asap to talk about what is needed 
>for the event, and determine some milestones and deadlines.
>To aid with this, we have created a new mailing list "clug-events".  This list 
>is intended to aid in the planning of any events CLUG may take on.  If you 
>are interested in helping plan the Linuxfest, please feel free to sign up on 
>clug-events. (http://clug.ca/mailman/listinfo/clug-events_clug.ca)
>I would like to propose this Sunday evening (11 Sep), at approx 6:00pm for the 
>first "official" Linuxfest planning meeting.  Location has not been 
>determined yet, but will be in the next day or so.  Feel free to offer a 
>place if you know of a decent one.  If this time doesn't work for a number of 
>people, we can try Saturday maybe?  But this is not a case where you "must" 
>be at this meeting to take part.  There is much to discuss and plan, and it 
>will not all be handled in a single meeting.  And there is always the mailing 
>list... :)
>One of the details mentioned at the meeting is that the University of Calgary 
>has offered the use of their facilities for this event.  We have to determine 
>a date (part of the planning process) before we can confirm the offer.  The 
>only stipulation (thus far) is that we would need to plan for a time when 
>classes are out.  So the first week of May is likely the time frame we're 
>looking at.
>I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the members who made it out to 
>the meeting tonight, and offered their (almost) unanimous support for the 
>event (we had two abstains...).  It's exciting to see CLUG take on the 
>committment for such an event.
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