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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Wed Sep 7 18:42:47 PDT 2005

On Wednesday 07 September 2005 05:34, Shawn wrote:
> Are you gonna give us a recap of Akademy?

mayhem. of the good sort =)

i'm now on the KDE e.V. (our legal org) board, we (Matthias Ettrich, Brad 
Hards and myself) presented the first annual "aKademy awards", we formed 
committees to coordinate technical guidance, HCI and marketing respectively, 
completely redesigned how we lay out and present kdelibs and kdebase, decided 
on a defacto language in KDE4 for application automation, worked on next-gen 
graphics issues, hammered out some usability issues, did a ton of hacking and 
4 days of presentations, often two tracks at a time. it was HECTIC. 

kde4 is going to rock =)

> Hope you had a good trip... you did look pretty bug-eyed in one pic I
> saw... LOL

heh. yes. the infamous pictures. here's my defense:

it was HOT (high 30s every day, woke up with a sleak of sweat every morning, 
HUMID), vegetarian food was hard to come by and few of the locals spoke 
english (and those did would often refuse to =/ ) .. not the most fun 
environment to try and get work done in. at least the network was only 
available in 2 rooms, was slow and power was limited in the other rooms (and 
this was the CS building!)

making it more fun, i was running my ass off (often literally) getting things 
done. i did get to take a dip in the med one afternoon though, so that's 
cool. and Novell sponsored a KICK ASS party with an open bar at a hot night 
club in the old town. tres nice.

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