[clug-talk] Memory Express no longer a CLUG sponsor

Mike Bougie mike.bougie at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 15:33:50 PDT 2005

What about proposing a minumum purchase level before the discount
becomes applicable? Such as "For all Tier 2 members who buy more than X
amount per purchase, they will be entitled to a discount of Y%"

This works well at my company and would be beneficial to all parties.

Just MHO.


On Wed, 2005-07-09 at 15:54 -0600, Jarrod Major wrote:
> On Wednesday 07 September 2005 3:13 pm, Shawn wrote:
> > I was in Memory Express today and they informed me that they no longer
> > offer CLUG members a discount.  This was news to me, and I let them know
> > that I'm the guy who should really know these things...
> That's too bad, I had hoped this would work out for them and us.
> > So, a phone call was made to one of the owners to confirm this.  So,
> > effective immediately, we no longer get a discount.  They say the margins
> > just aren't there anymore.
> This was the main reason why the discount was so small in the first place. I 
> had hoped that once members started purchasing stuff from them, they could 
> see how much our members were affecting their bottom line. Perhaps they did 
> but in a negative way. I always tried to plug them as a sponsor at meetings 
> so they got at least that much advertising out of us.
> > We may do something with them in the future, but they want us to come up
> > with a proposal and submit it to them.  The exec will put this right at the
> > top of our priority list.... maybe...  maybe not.... :)
> I hope that this does not end up as a backlash against Memory Express. They 
> were not obligated to give us any discount and it was a damn nice thing they 
> did. I hope that those that were able to take advantage of the discount will 
> let Memory Express know how much it was appreciated.
> This is one of those "burning bridges" things. If this results in negative 
> sentiment about MemX, then I think it would be safe to say that they won't 
> ever deal with us again. However, if we are able to pitch this the right way 
> with enough incentive to do it, maybe we can swing something in the future. 
> Something like a group purchase of some hot ticket hardware item.
> Anyway, I thought this needed to be said. Our sponsors don't get much from us 
> except patronage. The more we can do this the more sales they can make off 
> us. It irks me that some people believe that these discounts are owed to 
> them. It was always meant as a bonus for our Tier 2 members. And I know that 
> some of our sponsors have no regard for Tier level at all, if you mention 
> CLUG they will give a discount regardless. That's a really nice thing that 
> they do.
> Don't take them for granted...
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