[clug-talk] Memory Express no longer a CLUG sponsor

Tek Budda TekBudda at shaw.ca
Wed Sep 7 14:33:33 PDT 2005

Shawn wrote:
> I was in Memory Express today and they informed me that they no longer offer 
> CLUG members a discount.  This was news to me, and I let them know that I'm 
> the guy who should really know these things...
> So, a phone call was made to one of the owners to confirm this.  So, effective 
> immediately, we no longer get a discount.  They say the margins just aren't 
> there anymore.
> We may do something with them in the future, but they want us to come up with 
> a proposal and submit it to them.  The exec will put this right at the top of 
> our priority list.... maybe...  maybe not.... :)

Considering some o fthe hassles some people have had with them and some 
of the attitudes I have heard towards them lately, maybe we should 
consider what we actually look for in sponsors.

 From my observations MemEx just isn't what they used to be anymore. 
Sure when they were the small guys eeking out a living against the 
Staples/Office Depots/etc, they were ok, but now it seems like it is to 
ddificult to deal with them.

Have we consdered maybe looking at COmpuSmart or something simialr?  I 
know they are probably not the best fit but if they can offer our 
membership something without to much hassle, it might be worth looking at.

Also...they do carry Mac stuff and I believe are a recycleing depot. 
Perhaps that is something that could work for us as well?

Just a few thoughts while trying to avoid real work ;-)...naw.. just 
kidding.  Takinga  quick coffee break.

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