[clug-talk] IPCop 1.4.8 How to add Username / Password File

Dave Watkins dave at davewatkins.net
Wed Sep 7 08:50:53 PDT 2005

Good morning All,

Just wondering if any of you know how to add a username and password 
file into my IPCop box rather than having to enter each one individually.

Details are:

Version:  IPCop V 1.4.8
Addons: Advanced Proxy - When I use "Local Authentication" option I must 
enter info for each user. Obviously like to be able to just upload a 
file with all the info in it in one shot.

Fields from "Local User Authentication" page are: Username: , Group: , 
Password: , Password Confirm: with a "Create User" button and a Return 
to Main Page" button also.

So, again, anyone know how/where to upload a file with all the required 
info and in what format?

I'm off to do this job right away and don't really want to have a user 
entering all this sensitive info if possible.

See you all tonight,

Dave Watkins

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