[clug-talk] <off-Topic> School Project

Giovanni Cuzzola giovannicuzzola at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 6 22:40:10 PDT 2005

Hello everyone.

I am taking the Bachelor Applied Degree in Information Systems at SAIT.
It's required that I find a project to work on with 3 other people.
What the teacher is looking for is a project with enough scope that
cannot be done in a few weeks, so it needs a good level of complexity.
The project will be done for FREE. If my team wont be able to finish the 
you will still be able to have a copy of the Requirements Document and the
Specifications Document, so that you will have a good blue-print for it.

Please contact me if you have something that can apply to this, or
if you are not sure that you need something but you want to consult us
to make sure, or if you know somebody who needs something built.



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