[clug-talk] GPG stuff

Jarrod Major jmajor at nucleus.com
Tue Sep 6 19:26:57 PDT 2005

Hey Gang,

For those that are wanting to exchange GPG keys, ideally you should have slips 
of paper printed up containing the following, I'll use my stuff as an example 
my email has been intentionally garbled here as this is a public list:

Jarrod Major <jmajor - at - nucleus - dot - com>
Key ID: 0x2439231E
Fingerprint: 4556 EFA8 EC69 7C54 EE33  C881 2C7C 0E10 2439 231E

You can get 28-30 on a page if you make your type small enough. The 
fingerprint takes up the most space so I have that portion even smaller on my 
slips. Some of you may have more than one email address set as your UID, it's 
a good idea to include them all but you may provide only what you wish. Keep 
in mind, whatever you have subitted to a keyserver is accessible once people 
have your Key ID.

I will verify my identity to those wishing to take my info. Anyone else 
wishing to exchange keys should be prepared to do likewise. Some form of 
picture ID is sufficient.

I'm just curious as to how many people are interested in doing this. How many 
people would like a little demonstration on how to do this? If we have time 
at the end of the meeting I can demo it for anyone interested or 
alternatively I can work on making it a formal presentation for a future 
meeting. I'm not sure what the Exec has planned for the entire meeting so I 
don't want to usurp any time from them.

I'm really hoping this catches on this time, it's really cool.
Jarrod Major
4556 EFA8 EC69 7C54 EE33  C881 2C7C 0E10 2439 231E
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