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Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Tue Sep 6 12:07:25 PDT 2005

FTP requires *both* ports 20 and 21

Having said that sftp is the the best bet, it works well behind NAT 
routers, is
secure (no username/passwords transmitted in the clear)

Fyi, shaw does not block ftp.  If you connect the ubuntu box directly to the
cable modem ftp will work, if the ftp server is enabled.  On the ubuntu box,
from a command prompt, type ftp localhost, you should be prompted to enter a

If not, you need to install an ftp program.  There are many gui and cli 
tools to
do this.  From the command prompt, you can simply type:
apt-get install  proftpd
and this should install an ftp server package.

Also, linuxquestions.org and tldp.org are both excellent resources in addition
to this mailing list.

No trees were harmed in the transmission of this message, however a 
large number
of electrons were seriously inconvenienced.

Quoting D Bhardwaj <dbhardwaj at shaw.ca>:

> I have an urgent need for transferring some files to another country 
> and could do with some assistance. I have installed Ubuntu. The 
> system can see the files which are on a CD and could be copied to a 
> directory. The machine is behind a Dlink router where the virtual 
> server ftp has been enabled on Port 21. I don't know if Shaw - the 
> ISP - blocks this port.
> Now what to do....
> Step by step or help of any kind is greatly appreciated.
> Dharam

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