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Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Tue Sep 6 11:40:21 PDT 2005

Quoting D Bhardwaj <dbhardwaj at shaw.ca>:

> I wanted to get this to work with native windows 2ks first, maybe 
> play with linux version later.
> Right now I have IIS/FTP configured- I think, and also virtual server 
> ftp enabled on the router. However, when testing, it keeps coming up 
> with 'this document contains no data'...

FTP will only work in passive mode through a NAT firewall.  I am not sure how
well ftp works when the server is NAT'd though, I had problems with this so I
simply switched to sftp.  This was several years ago.  FTP has many 
issues with
NAT connections and I suspect this is where the problem is.  Check to 
make sure
that your ftp client supports passive mode and that it is enabled.  Other than
that all I can really suggest is to use a different protocal.  SSH is useful
regardless of the OS.

Any windows box that I manage has cygwin installed simply because of the
usefullness of bash, ssh, stunnel, rsync, and now unison, which is an awsome
app btw.


> any help is welcome.
> Dharam
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> The easiest option I have found is ssh.  With linux it is a no brainer.  Fo=
> r=20
> windows there is a package called cygwin (www.cygwin.com).  This package is=
> a=20
> collection of linux/unix software for windows, including a fully functional=
> =20
> ssh server.  There are lots of nice gui sftp (one form of file transfer ove=
> r=20
> ssh) clients for both *Nix and windows.  Behaves similar to ftp but nothing=
> =20
> is transmitted in the clear.  Other options abound, some of my favorites ar=
> e=20
> rdp (for windows to windows) and rsync.
> The following is a port forwarding for commonly used transfer protocalls
> port  service
> 80  web
> 20  ftp
> 21  ftp=20
> 22  ssh/scp/sftp
> 443  web-ssl
> 873  rsync
> 3389 rdp (remote desktop)
> Depending on the router, ftp may or may not work through a router.  This is=
> a=20
> really short answer to a moderately complicated issue.
> Hope this helps
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