[clug-talk] BIOS Update on Dell: My Next Trick

Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Sun Sep 4 11:29:08 PDT 2005

OK, so now that my touchpad kinda works, I've noticed during my screwing 
around that my Dell BIOS is A03 and the most current version for my Inspiron 
1000 is A08.

Unfortunately, the only file I can find to update the BIOS on the Dell site is 
designed to run right off the Windows desktop. I've tried Wine and Win4Lin, 
but neither will allow the application to run (not surprised).

Has anyone successfully updated a Dell BIOS on a straight GNU/Linux machine 
before? I can boot from a USB stick and have tried running the application as 
a DOS executable, but no go. It wants Windows.

Any ideas..?


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