[clug-talk] Xndros

Cameron Nikitiuk cameron.nikitiuk at shaw.ca
Sat Sep 3 15:51:41 PDT 2005

Cirez Communications, inc. wrote:
> This is a bit late...
> Anyone has had any experience with Xandros...?
> I have a client looking to switch over 75 boxes from windows XP to
> something cheaper...
> Keeping in mind that the staff know "nada" about linux, what distro
> would be this transition least painful?
> I looked at the Xandros web site and saw they used to be Corel
> Linux--I was a developer at Stormix Tech (The publishers of Storm
> Linux) and at the time they both were based on Debian...
> One thing I am concerned about it the hardware detection
> capabilities--meaning its ability to recognize paripherials and
> such...That could save me a ton of work...
> Any comments...? 
I miss Stormix.  I really wish they could have made a go of it.  I 
hadn;t really dug into it a lot but I was impressed with Storm Linux.  I 
still have a copy of it from 2000.  Was a cover mount of Issue 2 of 
Linux Format.

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