[clug-talk] Shut off the 'tap' on my touchpad.

Dave Bourassa dave.bourassa at shaw.ca
Sat Sep 3 14:54:10 PDT 2005

Jon wrote:

> Thanks Graham,
> I tried the Synaptics driver and followed the install isntructions, but to no 
> avail. No errors or anything, just no change in behaviour.
> I almost think that my touchpad is emulating a mouse somehow and that XF86 is 
> unaware that it's a touchpad. I think this because shutting the touchpad off 
> altogether in the KDE Control Centre has no effect and my XF86Config-4 file 
> actually says in it 'No Synpatics touchpad detected' and 'ALSP Touchpad not 
> detected'.
> Very frustrating...
> Jon
-- snipped a bunch...

Your touch pad, if it's anything like my panasonic tough book, is indeed
emulating a mouse.  Probably a ps2 one, specifically.  When I first got 
my tough book, I found that the touch pad (tp) was not my favorite input 
device, so I looked into installing an external mouse.  I found that if 
I hooked up a serial mouse to it, I could use the tp or the external 
mouse, but not both.

If I had set up the external mouse, and powered up, then I was finding 
that I'd go through the boot process and discover no mouse available at 
all.  I expect I could have done some fiddling to get them both up and 
running, but an easier solution for me was to use a usb mouse.  That 
way, I never had a problem using either the tp or the usb mouse.  Both 
worked right off the bat.

This was my preferred solution, because if I had hooked up a serial 
mouse, or a ps2 mouse, I usually had to power down to hook up the 
external mouse.  With a usb device, it was always hot swappable, and I 
never had to power down/up or fiddle with drivers.  It always just 
worked.  I eventually got a miniature usb 4 port hub to expand my usb 
devices, to make up for using up the only usb port on my tough book.

Your needs aren't quite clear, unless I missed something.  My apologies 
if I'm belabouring the obvious.  Were you wanting to disable your tp, or 
just use an external mouse?  If the latter, then you just need to get a 
usb mouse.  There are some good wireless ones available, miniature, too, 
for laptops.  That's what I finally settled on.

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