[clug-talk] Shut off the 'tap' on my touchpad.

Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Sat Sep 3 12:20:15 PDT 2005

Thanks Graham,

I tried the Synaptics driver and followed the install isntructions, but to no 
avail. No errors or anything, just no change in behaviour.

I almost think that my touchpad is emulating a mouse somehow and that XF86 is 
unaware that it's a touchpad. I think this because shutting the touchpad off 
altogether in the KDE Control Centre has no effect and my XF86Config-4 file 
actually says in it 'No Synpatics touchpad detected' and 'ALSP Touchpad not 

Very frustrating...


On September 3, 2005 04:33 pm, Graham wrote:
> Domain match.
> Remove domain from Allow list -->
> https://www.vqme.com/pk/eh?op=remove_domain&Domain=clug.ca&VU=HqIXF6rk+PpDI
>0Rq/fWFgg Block domain -->
> https://www.vqme.com/pk/eh?op=block_domain&Domain=clug.ca&VU=HqIXF6rk+PpDI0
> On Saturday 03 September 2005 08:56, Jon wrote:
> > Hey All,
> >
> > I'm running Kanotix with KDE on a Dell Inspiron 1000 and my stupid touch
> > pad is driving me nuts. I don't want to shut it off entirely, but I
> > really need to shut off the 'tap' feature.
> These may help, from what i read on Linux on laptops you have a synaptics
> touchpad.
> http://www.medcosm.com/misc_Linux_Inspiron1150.htm
> http://www.angelfire.com/linux/t_johnson/
> http://klik.atekon.de/details.php?section=x11/&package=xfree86-driver-synap
> graham
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