[clug-talk] OT : Place to purchase 40mm fan on short notice

Hendrik Schaink hschaink at infovisi.com
Fri Sep 2 11:27:38 PDT 2005

I have used  MRO Electronics Supply for fans in the past. They are on
the west corner of 12 St NE and 36 Ave. Their address is: #5, 1247 - 36
Ave NE. Phone: 291-0501.

HTH, Hendrik Schaink

Scott wrote:
> I thought I'd take a shot at the mailing list while I'm phoning up 
> stores/sellers.
> I need to track down a decent 40mm fan (it's to replace a Northbridge fan on 
> a asus a8n-sli), and neither my work's supplier nor stores nearby have them.
> Does anyone know of store here in Calgary that would have one of these guys 
> in stock? Asus's replacement fan apparently has the same life time 
> expectancy of the one that came with the board (about 1-3 months). Doesn't 
> matter if it's a 3 or 4 pin, and apparently most 40mm fans are about 10-15mm 
> high. It's either I track down one of these, or find a Zalman ZM-NB47J / 
> ZM-NB32J.
> Any help would be appreciated :-)
> --Scott Newman
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