[clug-talk] Favourite video tools

Tek Budda TekBudda at shaw.ca
Sat Oct 22 12:59:19 PDT 2005

Mark Carlson wrote:
> On 10/22/05, Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at kde.org> wrote:
>>On Saturday 22 October 2005 03:04, Shane wrote:
>>>Does anyone have a favourite case tool? I've tried Dia but it uses huge
>>>graphics and it's difficult to get more than a couple of classes on one
> There is a trick to using Dia.  If you want to get more stuff on one
> page, set the page property "Scaling" to something like 33%.  Then 
> you can fit 9x the amount of stuff on one page and it is actually a
> reasonable size. (Scaling = 50% = 4x the amount of stuff on one page)
> Also, if you haven't tried Kivio, check it out.  I prefer Dia to
> Kivio, but all I use them for is making flow charts.  It took me a few
> flow charts to get a feel for Dia, but it was worth it for me.

Have you tried OpenOffice Impress or Draw?

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