[clug-talk] What to do about "portablility"

Nick Wiltshire nick at dyna-tech.ca
Thu Oct 13 09:45:21 PDT 2005

NFS is easy to implement and completely transparent. Probably not your best 
bet for remote access, though I wouldn't be surprised if someone knew how to 
tunnel NFS through VPN or SSH.

On Wednesday 12 October 2005 10:41 pm, Killer Smurf wrote:
> Hello all. I'm sure my questions are a bit simplistic but I'm going to ask
> anyway. I'm running Breezy (5.10) with Gnome
> on all of these computers.
> 1> I'm looking for a way to interconnect my computers (2 desktops and 1
> laptop) to share files between them. I think I'll use samba even if I have
> no win boxes in use. Is this the best way?
> 2> Also with the laptop I would like to be able to connect when I'm not on
> my home network (SSH?) or is there something else that would be more
> suited?
> 3> If I do use SSH can I set it up to be ReadOnly (CopyOnly) or is SSH
> fairly secure and can I use putty from the work computers to access my
> system ( The work computers are win.)
> 4> Any good HOWTO's for a beginner would be great.
> You all have been a great help to my wife and I Thank You again
> Frank

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