[clug-talk] Web-based gallery application.

J. Rafael Sánchez rsanchez at itres.com
Mon Oct 3 13:00:08 PDT 2005

Thanks Curtis.


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> On Monday 03 October 2005 13:45, J. Rafael Sánchez wrote:> Hi All,> I'm 
> going thru the pages of sourceforge right now, looking for a web-based> 
> photo gallery app, but I'd thought I'd drop a line to the clug member as> 
> well, to see if you folks would have any recommendations. I have access 
> to> mysql-3.23.58-1.73, php-4.1.2-7.3.6 and, of course, apache-1.3.27-4 
> on> RH7.3. I could upgrade, of course, but If I could stay with this 
> marriage> of these three apps, that would be the best.>> Any thoughts 
> would be highly appreciated.>> Regards,> Rafael.
> I've been pretty happy with gallery.sourceforge.net
> Curtis
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