[clug-talk] The Future of Progsig

William Astle lost at l-w.ca
Thu Mar 31 23:20:35 PST 2005

After a great deal of discussion at tonights progsig meeting, we decided 
it was time to split off from CLUG and become a stand alone group. The 
general sentiment was that we, as a group, needed to focus on 
programming in its purest form, being platform, language, and technology 

In order to start the process of getting organized, an ad hoc committee 
was selected, consisting of Kin Wong, Janet Leong, Rob Stallard, and 
William Astle. Immediately after the general progsig meeting concluded, 
the ad hoc committee met and selected William as interim president. The 
committee decided on the following parameters for the group:

- membership will be open to all programmers or those interested in
- the membership fee will be around $50/year in order to support such 
initiatives as a library for programmers
- meetings will continue on the last Thursday of the month

The ad hoc committee will be meeting in the near future to finalize 
plans for the establishment of progsig as its own group.

Further information is available by emailing me at lost at l-w.ca.

William Astle
finger lost at l-w.ca for further information

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