[clug-talk] Open Source Net Nanny-esque program

Cameron Nikitiuk cameron.nikitiuk at shaw.ca
Thu Mar 31 10:36:23 PST 2005

If you do go the hardware route I would suggest the D-Link DI-604 (I think
that is he model).  The last time I saw it at STaples it was less than $50
and included some parental filter/control features and I don't believe you
had to subscribe to anything for that.

It was a basic 4-port 10/100 firewall/router and works good from teh
feedback I got when selling them.  I think my sister even picked one up and
she has two young boys and a 16-year old Hitman player living with her.

Let us know what you come up with!

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> Some consumer-quality home routers have ability to black/whitelist based
> on dynamically updated lists.  But this would involve buying hardware
> and perhaps a subscription to the listing service.
> http://www.homenethelp.com/web/howto/family-censorship.asp
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